Research Interests

My goal is to develop theoretical foundations and practical tools for building more reliable and usable software and increasing developer productivity. I am mostly interested in software engineering, programming languages, and formal methods. I particularly like investigating topics in automatic test generation, software verification, program analysis, and empirical software engineering. My tools and techniques explore novel ways in writing, specifying, verifying, testing, and debugging programs in order to make them more robust while at the same time improving the user experience.


  • In fall, I will join MPI for Software Systems as a tenure-track faculty member!
    I am looking for motivated and talented PhD students and post-docs to work with me on Practical Formal Methods!
  • Patrick Emmisberger won the ETH medal for his Master's thesis under my supervision.
  • I received an International Academic Visitor research grant by the University of Kent.
  • I won the EAPLS Best PhD Dissertation Award 2015.
  • I received a Faculty of Sciences research grant by the University of Kent.
  • I am a panel member for the New Faculty Symposium at ICSE'17.
  • I have a paper at ICSE'17.
  • I have an invited article in the Distinguished Dissertation column of it - Information Technology.
  • I am on the SAS'17 program committee.

Curriculum Vitae

A PDF version of my CV can be found here.

Maria Christakis
Room SW14
School of Computing
University of Kent
Canterbury, CT2 7NF