• GreenBench: A green fuzzer-benchmarking platform
  • Nomos: A specification language and framework for expressing and testing k-safety properties of machine-learning models
  • DLSmith: A dependency-aware metamorphic-testing framework for Datalog engines
  • π-fuzz: A metamorphic-testing framework for action policies
  • SmartACE: A compositional verifier for smart contracts (artifact)
  • queryFuzz: A metamorphic-testing framework for Datalog engines
  • Neuro-aware program analyzer: A static analyzer for verifying system properties of programs invoking neural networks
  • tAIlor: A framework for automatically tailoring an abstract interpreter to the code under analysis and any given resource constraints (artifact)
  • Blossom: A two-phase framework combining dynamic and static analyses for conditional floating-point verification
  • Task synthesizer for block-based programming: A synthesis framework for generating new visual programming tasks along with their solution codes that are conceptually similar but visually dissimilar to an input task
  • LIBRA: A static-analysis framework for certifying fairness of deep neural networks (artifact)
  • STORM: A blackbox mutational fuzzer for SMT solvers
  • DeepSearch: A blackbox attack for deep neural networks
  • bran: A static-analysis framework for EVM bytecode
  • α-Diff: A framework for differentially testing soundness and precision of program analyzers

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